"flying the falls" a Sony Hi Definition adventure documentary that will explore three countries in Southern African by air. Using microlights while in the air and our tried and test Gopeds as portable ground exploration devices.

Monday, May 15, 2006

"Flying the Falls" at long last

Having a spectacular time, arrived in Vic Falls yesterday. The turbulance is on the extreme side after about 9:30 10:00 so getting airborne half an hour before sunrise to cover an average of about 250 miles on our flying days.

Flew over the majestic falls a couple of times in the afternoon went down there for a shower this morning.

Had a bit of excitement while filming a Hippo on the Quando River, looked rather dosile until it porpoised threw the water and onto the river bank and gave us a run for our money.

Plenty of game everywhere, with the majority being elephants, crocs and hippos...

Heading back towards SA in the morning, the water has been spectacular as a result of the extremly high seasonal rain falls with the rivers and flood plains overflowing in every direction. Makes for some interesting island landings on some soggy runways between the reeds...

Also wanted to thank Batoka Sky (http://www.batokasky.com/) for their exceptional hospitality...going out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Will publish a post at the next possible location ...

regards from your going mad mate mark


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