"flying the falls" a Sony Hi Definition adventure documentary that will explore three countries in Southern African by air. Using microlights while in the air and our tried and test Gopeds as portable ground exploration devices.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No man or movie is an island!

Now that we have recovered from our microlight lag we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all who have supported us in the filming of “flying the falls.”

Without who’s support this production would not have been possible.

Sony South Africa http://www.sony.co.za/ - Awesome HDV Kit!

Aviate Products http://www.aviateproducts.co.za/ - the toughest trike for African Conditions.
Goped California http://www.goped.com/ - the GTR go anywhere off road Goped.
Islands in Africa www.islandsinafrica.com - for an unparallelled wet & wild African experience!
Ngepi Camp www.ngepicamp.com - for the most interesting toilets and bathrooms in the world!
Aerosport http://www.aersosport.co.za/ - for super technical support and most of all the emergencey replacement propellor for Tjeerd!
Ivan Loubsher - big time logistical support.
Charl Starke - we would not have found our way around the Kusai channel without your maps.
Mike Blythe - thanks for recommending Ngepi .
Namibian CAA - Brian Losper - http://www.dca.com.na/
Namibian Film Commission - for special permission to film in the trans frontier peace parks
Namibian Tourism Board www.namibiatourism.com.na
Zambian Air force - fighter escort services

Batoka Sky http://www.batokasky.com/ - a warm welcome to us in Livingstone
Sean & Benita from Susuwe Island Lodge - Sean for cutting us a runway, no matter how small and Benita for showing us how to find Africa's last few remaining tigers.
Jim & Helen Turnbull - grammatical moral support.
My wife Nella and daughter Sabrina
Jurgen Becker - my dad who custom built each camera mount
The Sunshine Company - http://www.sunshinecompany.co.za/ grips and the indestructible pelican case

Magus Visual - http://www.visuals.co.uk/magus/ LAN C Cables


Blogger Quint said...

Well mark,
Seeing some of the clips really make me want to do something similar. What a fantastic experience you have been through and so pleased that you can share it with us. I cant wait to fly again when the wind settles a bit here in the UK.

Keep up the great work and look forward to your other adventures as and when.

Best Wishes

6:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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